l’univers de mon grand-père

Mon grand-père est le personnage principal. Comme il me montrait souvent ses vieux albums, où on le découvrait changer de style et de maisons, ou visiter des lieux, j’ai souhaité le montrer devant ses lieux favoris, poser de la même manière qu’il le faisait durant ses voyages. On le voit donc devant la cabane du jardin, sur son lit ou devant sa bibliothèque.

My grandfather is the main character. As in the old photo-albums he often showed me — where he was pictured posing in front of the places he visited or in the different places he lived in, with various clothing-styles and people — we see him here, posing in front of his favourite places. He is introducing us here to the garden shed, his bed, his library, the table where he assembled the stamps he collected, his vegetable garden and the garden table where he used to cut the ends of the beans before freezing them.

All pictures are under copyright ©Anaïs Giannuzzo